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Floor Heating Panel for churches (Behind altars)
Floor Heating Panel for churches (Behind altars)

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Our Price:1,500.00 Inc VAT

Product Code: CHEOPAN


Heating panels:

Heating panels are devices that turn electricity into heat. The most important feature is efficient heat emission in the place where the faithful are. This is an excellent alternative to attempts to heat air masses with blowers or using infrared radiators. Especially heating the historic church with a high vault can be a challenge too difficult for blows and emitters mounted over the heads of the faithful. The design of Creo panels assumes maximum use of thermophysics rights - an elevated air temperature makes it go up. It is enough for a man standing on the panel to feel warm all the time in the church. Our product only needs a few moments before starting to warm up and can be turned off as soon as the faithful leave the church. If necessary, only selected panels can be launched, e.g. during masses or services for a week
How are churches for heating panels?
Church heating panels are made of galvanized steel sheet, whose top layer is additionally covered with a hard -to -end wood -like laminate.
Heating churches

Technical Data of the panels
Thickness 25mm
Length 66 Inches
Width 39 Inches

Power is determined on the conditions in the church where the panels are installed, typically it ranges from 300w/m2 to 600w/m2

Temperature, the panel temperature is set directly by the user using the temperature controller with which the panels are sold, the user can set any temperature from 0 to + 60

Power the panels are powered by electricity with rated voltage of 230v, each signal panel is finished with a plug.

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