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Collection Bags and Baskets
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"Unipol" Brass Polish Black locking collection bag Blue Locking Collection Bag
"Unipol" Brass Polish
Our Price: €40.00 Inc VAT
Black locking collection bag
Our Price: €50.00 Inc VAT
Blue Locking Collection Bag
Our Price: €50.00 Inc VAT
"Unipol" Brass Polish Locking metal handled leather collecting bag with zip for easy empty. Supplied with padlock, also you can attach a long grip to these collection bags, please see pictures, the length of the handle we have as a sample is 39inches long from the top of the metal part to the end of the handle, standard size for grips is in around 39inches to 40inches. Handle grips are not included with collection bags, its just an option you could get someone within your parish to do. Locking metal handled leather collecting bag with zip for easy emptying. Supplied with padlock.
Budget Coin Counter Chrismal Set 125mL Collection Basket
Budget Coin Counter
Our Price: €220.00 Inc VAT
Chrismal Set 125mL
Our Price: €90.00
Collection Basket
Our Price: €8.00 Inc VAT
The SR-1200 is a professional coin counter with an electronic counting mechanism. The SR-1200 sorts all coin denominations of a currency (euro) into different boxes and displays the total and breakdown by denomination. Specific breakdowns can also be checked, e.g. 20 x 2 euros - 10 x 1 euro, etc., the sorter automatically counts the amounts inserted and stops as soon as the preset amounts are reached — a very practical solution for checking the opening balance of a till or similar. The SR-1200 means no more manual counting — just drop everything into the hopper, record the amount and it's done!
After pressing the start button counting will begin in 12 seconds and can be completed in 2 minutes.
3 bottles 125mL in a portable rigid case with lock. Woven collection basket.
Congregational Cards Cross in wood of walnut with aluminium body Electronic Coin Counter
Congregational Cards
Our Price: €15.00
Electronic Coin Counter
Our Price: €1,000.00 Inc VAT
Congregational Cards. Ideal for use along side the new American Roman Missal. Compact in size, A4 page folded into 3. Laminated for durability. Packs of 50 cards. Cross in Wood of Walnut with Aluminum Body.

size 17x9cm base.

can be used around November time, suitable for the syllabus in loving memory of someone, use the space on the base of the cross to add a name or date, as seen on the pictures.
PRC 100 Counter counts coins of 8 different denominations at a rate of up to 1700 coins per minute.
Electronic Coin Sorter Funeral Trolley Holy Oil Bottles & Case
Electronic Coin Sorter
Our Price: €2,650.00 Inc VAT
Funeral Trolley
Our Price: €650.00
Holy Oil Bottles & Case
Our Price: €75.00
PRC 330 Sorter can sort up to 8 coin denominations at a sorting speed of 600 coins per minute. Collapsable funeral trolley with revolving wheels and handles for easy positioning. Double bottles, holy oil and hard case.