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Ashes for Ash Wednesday Charcoal torcch burner refill Charcoal torch
Ashes for Ash Wednesday
Our Price: €2.00 Inc VAT
Charcoal torcch burner refill
Our Price: €4.31 Inc VAT
Charcoal torch
Our Price: €18.00
1 Bag of ashes does in around 30 people. Charcoal torch burner refill avabile in 300ml
Charcoal, Incense & Tapers Deal Fast Thurible Charcoal (Long Duration) Holy incense Acensio gold
Charcoal, Incense & Tapers Deal
Our Price: €45.01 Inc VAT
Fast Thurible Charcoal (Long Duration)
Our Price: €20.00 Inc VAT
Holy incense Acensio gold
Our Price: €20.00 Inc VAT
1 box of charcoal, incense and tapers all for €45. 90 tablets of charcoal for incense. 33mm diameter. 15mm thick, 5 tablets per wrapped sealed packet. First ignition: 3sec. Total ignition: 35sec. Duration: 60min. Holy incense 500g
Holy incense olibanum powder Holy incense Rose Lighting Tapers
Holy incense olibanum powder
Our Price: €20.00 Inc VAT
Holy incense Rose
Our Price: €24.00 Inc VAT
Lighting Tapers
Our Price: €12.30 Inc VAT
Holy incense 500g Holy Incense 500g Box of approx. 70 lighting tapers. Avg. weight box: 225g. Length: 11"". Diameter: 4mm. Made in the UK.