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Budget Coin Counter
Budget Coin Counter
Our Price: €220.00 Inc VAT

The SR-1200 is a professional coin counter with an electronic counting mechanism. The SR-1200 sorts all coin denominations of a currency (euro) into different boxes and displays the total and breakdown by denomination. Specific breakdowns can also be checked, e.g. 20 x 2 euros - 10 x 1 euro, etc., the sorter automatically counts the amounts inserted and stops as soon as the preset amounts are reached — a very practical solution for checking the opening balance of a till or similar. The SR-1200 means no more manual counting — just drop everything into the hopper, record the amount and it's done!
After pressing the start button counting will begin in 12 seconds and can be completed in 2 minutes.
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Electronic Coin Counter
Electronic Coin Counter
Our Price: €1,000.00 Inc VAT

PRC 100 Counter counts coins of 8 different denominations at a rate of up to 1700 coins per minute. more info
Electronic Coin Sorter
Electronic Coin Sorter
Our Price: €2,650.00 Inc VAT

PRC 330 Sorter can sort up to 8 coin denominations at a sorting speed of 600 coins per minute. more info