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15x1inch Advent Candles
Our Price: €18.00
This is a Flag of Vatican City, 140cm x 100cm in size. It has a pocket in the side for flagpole. SPECIAL OFFER: Buy 10 Boxes of one type of candle and get 1 box free! 1000 devotional candles. An Advent Candle set comprises of 3 purple candles, 1 pink candle and 1 white candle.
Eucharistic Minister Pendant
Our Price: €15.00
Suitable for the syllabus """". Communion pillar candle, boxes of 20. Beautiful wooden cross comes with string. Ideal for a gift for a child on their First Holy Communion Day. Cross is 8cm high and comes with a little booklet for the child to fill in the details on their special day.