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Free Standing Safe (Single intention) Barrier Ropes 59" Long (Red or Blue) CleanRite Sanitiser/Surface Spray 1000ml with cap, pump and trigger
Free Standing Safe (Single intention)
Our Price: €620.01 Inc VAT
Barrier Ropes 59" Long (Red or Blue)
Our Price: €60.00 Inc VAT
  • 100cm height
  • 25cm width
  • 25cm depth
  • 35kgs Weight
Single intention
Suitable for Envelopes.
  • Ropes Measure 59" (149cm) Long, Ropes come in red or blue.

  • Sanitiser contains hypochlorous (Proven to kill Coronavirus)
  • Dermatologically tested and Hypoallergenic, non alcoholic
  • Recommended to be used in church environments, lighting of candles - safe to use as non alcoholic, not flammable
  • Clinically proven surface disinfectant, air dry with trigger spray
  • Suitable for use on all surfaces, church furniture, microphones
  • Approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Suitable for repeated use - non irritating, gentler on the skin, safe on all parts of the body
  • Suitable from birth
  • Safe for use on food
  • Recommended in childcare settings for the safety of the children
  • Suitable to be used with Celtic Cross Sanitiser Station (Child version)

(SPECIAL OFFER) Celtic Cross Sanitiser Station, Non touch Freestanding Sanitiser Dispenser Pedal Operated (STAND ONLY) Host Tweezer (Gold) 16cm Long Wall Mounted Safe
Host Tweezer (Gold) 16cm Long
Our Price: €8.00 Inc VAT
Wall Mounted Safe
Our Price: €335.00 Inc VAT

  • Foot-operated sanitiser dispenser, non touch
  • Portable, lightweight metal, durable, and can be affixed to the floor
  • No power / waste / plumbing required
  • Foot-pump mechanism minimises the risk of contamination
  • Set at a height accessible for all - 39cm
  • Backboard is waterproof, suitable for outdoors
The host tweezer is used for the distribution of the Eucharistic host to the people during mass. Provides safety in avoiding the risk of contamination. Convenient and practical offering box for small spaces, you can hang it on the wall without compromising on safety thanks to this armored lock.
Metal Wall safe measures
  • Frontal height 30cm
  • Retro height 30cm
  • width 24cm
  • depth 17cm
Suitable for envelopes.
Rope barrier stands (Gold) Non Touch Blue Electric Candelabra (33) (SPECIAL OFFER) Celtic Cross Hand Sanitiser (Pump Action Dispenser) 70% Alcohol 500ml
Rope barrier stands (Gold)
Our Price: €175.00 Inc VAT
Non Touch Blue Electric Candelabra (33)
Our Price: €1,440.00 Inc VAT
Stand measures
  • height 38" (95cm)
  • base 12" (30cm)
  • weight of pole is 7.5kgs.
33 capacity electric candelabra with candles turning a light blue and supplied with armoured safe. Approx. weight: 70kg. Approx. dimensions: 102cm x 80cm x 48cm. Price includes delivery.
  • Our Celtic Cross Hand Sanitiser, Contains 70% Alcohol
  • Easy to apply onto the hand with the Pump Dispenser
  • 70% Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser (500ml) Bottles
  • Option to lock the lid by moving the dispenser.
  • No water, No towel needed.
  • Our Celtic Cross Hand Sanitiser is registered with thePRCD of the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine PCS No. 100371. It is manufactured in Ireland, adhering to WHO regulations.
  • Approximately 400 pump squirts of sanitiser from one 500ml Bottle
  • Sold in quantities of 12 bottles per box
Freestanding Double Safe Non Touch Electric Candelabra (60) Liftable Face Shield
Freestanding Double Safe
Our Price: €780.00 Inc VAT
Non Touch Electric Candelabra (60)
Our Price: €2,149.99 Inc VAT
Liftable Face Shield
Our Price: €6.00 Inc VAT

With lock safe-type, with double rack anti-theft, this box will keep away any intruders.

Suitable and convenient for even large community, you can also use it for more than a votive offering, thanks to the two slots and compartments.

Weight: 60 kg (Actual weight of ferrous material)

Height: 95 cm

Width: 40 cm

Depth: 31 cm

60 capacity electric candelabra with candles turning red and supplied with armoured safe. Approx. weight: 100kg. Approx. dimensions: 105cm x 93cm x 58cm. Price includes delivery.

Face Shield made of clear transparent plastic, PET 0,5 mm – resistant and suitable for everyday cleaning with disinfectants fluids.
Universal size.
The size of the helmet is (unfolded) 350mm / 240mm
Mask is Reusable.

  • Increases safety in direct contact, reducing the risk of contact with viruses and bacteria
  • Allows free circulation of air around the face.
  • Fastening on a rubber band, adjustable width
  • Light and easy to use
  • Also suitable for people with glasses.
Non Touch Electric Candelabra (33) Red Washable/Reusable Face Masks (100% Cotton) (SPECIAL OFFER) Foot Operated Sanitiser Station (designed for Schools,Childcare setting) STAND ONLY
Non Touch Electric Candelabra (33) Red
Our Price: €1,440.00 Inc VAT
33 capacity electric candelabra with candles turning red and supplied with armoured safe. Approx. weight: 70kg. Approx. dimensions: 102cm x 80cm x 48cm. Price includes delivery.

Make sure you wash your hands or sanitise before touching the mask. Place the loops around your ears. The mask needs to cover your mouth, nose, and come down below your chin.

Wash your hands or sanitise before removing your mask.

  • Reusable protective face masks, double layered
  • Material 100% cotton
  • Machine Washable masks @ 60 degrees
  • Available in Charcoal Grey, Light Blue, White (Choose your colour)
  • Come individually wrapped
  • Choose either Celtic Cross Sanitiser (70% Alcohol) or CleanRite (non alcoholic) Sanitiser with this stand.
  • Kicking the coronavirus out of school, childcare setting.
  • Foot Operated Sanitiser Dispenser, (easy to use).
  • Alcohol Free for children, schools, creches (Child Friendly).
  • Portable/Lightweight/durable.
  • Floor Fixable, by affixed tape or bolt on base of stand.
  • Foot pedal reduces spread of germs via hands.
  • Sanitisation - educating children on the need to sanitise, and providing them with sanitising products suitable for use at all ages, without the danger of adverse reactions/abuse such as dermatitis or even accidental ingestion.
  • Safe Environmental sanitisation - keeping the school environment safe for both staff and students on school campus
  • Safe Social sanitisation - sanitiser stations placed in each common area to encourage use.
  • Personal sanitisation - empower the child to understand the importance of sanitisation
Recommend that our Cleanrite Product be used for children as it is Alcohol Free and is safe for use in a child environment.