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24"" x 2"" Paschal Candle, comes with transfer sticker. Free standing adjustable brass missal book stand. Height 45" (114cm). 170 Easter Vigil Candles with Clear Beakers for €93.50.  The beakers contain a rubber gland which holds the candle in the centre of the beaker and stops the wax from dripping onto your hands so it is safe to use.  The beaker also protects the flame from the wind so it ideal for use in outdoor processions.
Pocessional  Candle sticks
3 tone brass gong. (300mm)
Our Price: €650.00
Pair of spring loaded candlesticks complete with stand, glass ball and drip catcher. Suitable for use with traditional beeswax candles (9x7/8). All brass is solid brass. Extra spare glass globes are also available to buy on our website, in case of damage. SPECIAL OFFER: BUY 3, GET A 4TH BOX FREE - These candles are made from very high-density materials for a long-lasting and even burn, and so are especially economical in burning. Three tone gong. 30cm (300mm) in diameter, height 35cm (350mm). Comes with striker.
Shrine Candles
Our Price: €60.00
Twelve Apostles Altar Wine
Our Price: €148.00
Traditional penny shrine candles. 8 white boxes per large box. Approx. 2,200 candles in total. About 10cm high. 1 box of charcoal, incense and tapers all for €45. Twelve Apostles is a liquor wine from Spain, of 15% volume.
SPECIAL OFFER: Buy 10 Boxes of one type of candle and get 1 box free! 1000 devotional candles. Brown Ceramic Holy water container and stand. PX water container comes complete with stand and drip bowl. Water container bolts to the stand to make it more secure. Height of container and stand 53" (135cm). Water container has a capacity of 26litres. The Holy  water container has a push button self locking tap. SPECIAL OFFER: Buy 10 Boxes of one type of candle and get 1 box free! 1000 devotional candles.
Pocessional  Candle sticks
Altaris Altar Wine
Our Price: €148.00
Spare glass globes for spring loaded brass candlesticks. This is a natural sweet liquor wine from Spain, of 15% volume. This is a Flag of Vatican City, 150cm x 100cm in size. It has a pocket in the side for flagpole.